About us

Pure Ghee story

Pure Ghee is an accessory brand inspired by colours and textiles of India. Started by Aditi Prakash in 2010 it aims to include handcraft in urban lives. Trained as a sculptor and an Industrial designer, Aditi has developed a design vocabulary that is clean and contemporary while being rooted in the Indian design aesthetic.

The name comes from a tin of home-made ‘Ghee’ (clarified butter) a craftsman gifted Aditi. The affection behind the gesture, and the wholesomeness of the gift inspired her to name her brand ‘Pure Ghee’. The name symbolizes quality, and a love for life that is intrinsically Indian, comforting and joyful.

Pure Ghee bag

Each Pure Ghee bag is made with love and a meticulous attention to details. Our bags are distinguished by the use of unusual materials, colour, and craftsmanship.

Pure Ghee studio

Pure Ghee’s studio is in Aya Nagar, an urban village located near the Gurgaon border in Delhi. The staff consists of women and youth from the surrounding village. For them ‘Pure Ghee’ has become an opportunity to develop skills, make friends and have a better life.