About Us

“We believe that when you make something by hand, you imbibe it with a part of your soul. It is like giving life to the inanimate object.”

Aditi Prakash, Founder, Pure Ghee Designs
Photographed by Naina Redhu

About the Founder

Aditi Prakash founded Pure Ghee Designs in 2009.

Aditi first trained as a sculptor and later completed her masters in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. She has worked with craft communities for two decades creating market friendly products using traditional skills and techniques. She has also helped create platforms and training tools for craftspeople to engage with urban markets and customers.

Her projects included corporate and public commissions with the Taj Group, Nalli Sarees, Samod Hotels, Crafts Council of India, Dastakar, Dastakari Haat Samiti, Commitment to Kashmir and AIACA.

Aditi received a scholarship for the Goldman Sachs 10000 Women, a global initiative that trains women entrepreneurs in business management.

Aditi was selected as a mentor for the Jagriti Yatra project, an ambitious train journey across India. Aditi guided her team of young leaders from all over the world, on a 15 day, 8000 km tour, to meet up with social and business entrepreneurs and learn from their experience. 

She was shortlisted for the Creative Futures Programme at the British Council India.

Aditi has taught at Kala Raksha Vidyalaya (Kutch, Gujarat) and NID (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh). She has also conducted international workshops between craftspeople of India and Pakistan, Vietnam and South Africa. She has coordinated crafts teams for international exhibitions like Art in Action and the India Pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Aditi loves nature and has recently completed the Barefoot Botanist course with the WWF India. She believes in permaculture practices and grows her food in her rooftop garden.

What We Do

We strive to give women a range of products to express their individuality using accessories that are unapologetically Indian.

We use textiles that are inspired by the colours of India to create practical accessories that are unique in their attention to detail with an impeccable finish. All our products are handmade and produced in small batches, giving each piece a unique quality.   

Our accessories add the final touch and complete your look much like a tadka or tempering added to the dish at the very end that transforms it completely.

Why We Do

India has always had a tradition of handmade products. Most of our homes had such objects that we remember from our childhood. To carry forward this legacy, our products aim to find ways of re-introducing the concept of handmade into our modern lives.

We look to create eco-friendly fashion accessories that are a response to the environmental challenges we face today. Through out the last ten years, we have been careful about our processes and how we make our products. In our focus to reduce waste, we have created a range of products from pre production waste fabric. We hope to be part of the dialogue concerning how all of us interact with products we use in our lives.

We would like to engage with our customers to create awareness about our process and what goes into making our products. For customers it may mean that they choose products that are a trifle more expensive but have been handcrafted with care. For us it means that we are able to pay fair wages to our team and run a business that is sustainable and equitable.

About the Studio

The Pure Ghee Studio is located in Aya Nagar, an urban village that borders Haryana near Gurugram.

In the last decade we have worked with women and youth who live in communities near our studio. 80 percent of the staff is women who are migrants to the city. For most of them this is their first job and Pure Ghee has ensured a safe, gender friendly environment at the studio.

We have built teams who have been trained in diverse skills including handwork, logistics and managing the business online. In this process we have trained young people, empowering them and supporting livelihoods in the local community.

Pure Ghee retails from Anantam(NCR), Ambara(Bangalore), Amethyst(Chennai), Anonym(Hyderabad) and OMO(Goa). We have created capsule collections for Kilol, Fab India and Good Earth.

Working at Pureghee