"Our inspiration for the shoot stemmed first and foremost from the quality of the Pure Ghee products. The materials, stitching, handmade details and the overall finishing of the products were all of such a high standard. We wanted to create a concept that was deserving of the phenomenal Pure Ghee pieces.

The inky indigo and rich maroon, as well as the vibrant metallic details, deserved the spotlight, so we styled the pieces with black and white outfits. Moreover, we matched the structure of the accessories with items of clothing that also had strong architectural elements.

We aimed to emphasise the wearability of the Pure Ghee accessories. Melbourne fashion has been fixated on the notion of 'normcore' style for a long time now, so we wanted to demonstrate how more intricate and detailed accessories could work still as statement pieces alongside wardrobes that predominantly consist of basic monochromatic pieces."