Gulistan - A land of roses

Gulistan - A land of roses

A capsule collection of handcrafted textile roses in beautiful hues that are sure to bring a hint of old world charm and glamour to your festive attire and your home.

A year and a half ago, one of our wholesale clients gave us a list of flowers to develop in textiles. One of them was desi gulab, a variety of rose common in the India subcontinent. We created close to 100 samples using different techniques. We wanted to interpret the form and beauty of the many petaled rose in fabric,  keeping in mind factors like ease of production, durability and affordability.

So here it is our capsule collection - Gulistan, A land of roses.

 It features roses in deep pink, blush pink, yellow, blood red and ivory. The products include gajras, rubberbands, brooches, clips and a curtain tie.

 Known as the queen of flowers and the symbol of love, it is hard not be taken in by the beauty and the form of the rose.  We were certainly mesmerized and we hope you will be too.

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