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Gifts of Love - Rakhi gifts for sisters and brothers


Amidst the ritual of tilak and the tying of the sacred thread, there is an undercurrent of love, joy and warmth on Rakhi. On this day, gifts become a token of affection, a celebration of the special relationship shared by a brother and sister. What makes for a perfect Rakhi gift? A gift that is thoughtful. A gift that is beautiful. A gift you know your brother or sister will keep fondly simply because it represents your affection. To celebrate these bonds of love, we have put together some Pure Ghee creations that make the perfect rakhi gifts. Gifts for...

Ethically Yours – Upcycled bags from Pure Ghee Designs


Imagine the floor of a tailor’s shop. The itty-bitty bits of cloth are most likely going straight into the bin. What if these scraps could come together to become a magnificent, environment-friendly piece?     "Ethical fashion" and "upcycling" – are terms used in fashion lingo for this process. Ethical fashion focuses on creating, designing and manufacturing clothing that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes the benefits that the people and communities involved in the fashion process enjoy.This is coupled with upcycling – the practice of repurposing an object to make it better than the original. With this thought behind it,...