KnowYourTextile #3 - Mashru - featuring Mashru maroon bucket bag

Gujarat is home to some brilliant weaves. One among this state’s textile offerings is the beautiful Mashru. It is believed this weave stemmed out of the rule of Muslim men not being allowed to wear silk. Mashru is made by interlacing silk and cotton yarns. Each silk yarn, which is used as the warp goes under one and above at least 5-8 or more cotton yarns thus making cotton the underside of the fabric and the top a shiny silk. Since the silk doesn’t touch the skin, the men were allowed to wear it. Mashru in Arabic means permitted and hence the name. At Pure Ghee Designs, we’ve used this gorgeous textile from Kutch to make these functional yet chic bucket bags. Travel like the nomads of Kutch may ☺

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