The Rakhi edit + PURE GHEE & ORGANIC CONNECT collab

A rakhi signifies a sister’s love for her brother and her good wishes and prayers for his well-being and prosperity. The rakhi ceremony involves the lighting of the lamp after which the sister ties the rakhi and says a little prayer for the well being of the brother. She then ties the rakhi, applies tilak on the brother’s forehead and feeds him some sweet. The brother gives her a gift in return and promises to protect her. Sisters who are living away usually send their rakhis in advance by by mail.

The Pure Ghee X Organic Connect collaboration!

Inspired by this timeless tradition, we present a celebration of the rakhi festival with beautiful handmade rakhis from PURE GHEE tucked in exquisitely crafted handmade boxes by ORGANIC CONNECT.

Organic Connect founded by designer Tanveen Ratti, is a brand created by ‘the people of the land’ – artisans who create handmade block objects using centuries old skills passed down from generation to generation.

Together with Pure Ghee Designs, they are bringing traditional wisdom into modern day design solutions. 

Pure Ghee rakhis are available in three styles:

Kusum rakhi   (set of five)

Colurful textile flowers with brocade centers on a vermillion string. Click on the image Order now.

Mogra rakhi (set of two)

Delicate Mogra flowers handmade from textiles on a vermillion string. Click on the image Order now.


Bhaiya Bhabhi Satrangi rakhi (set of two)

In Marwari culture, the sister ties the rakhi to her brother as well her sister-in-law in solidarity, also known as the ‘lumba’ rakhi . It is usually tied to the sister-in-law’s bangle. Click on the image to Order now.

These handmade rakhis can now travel all over the world in the beautiful handcrafted boxes by Organic Connect.

The Rakhi in a Box comes in two festive colours – Green and Maroon – and contains one rakhi and two small handmade potlis. One of the potlis contains a sprinkle of mishri, while the other contains rice and kum kum.

So that the rakhi, mishri, kum kum and rice can travel between the sister and her brother, strengthening the bonds of love and the tradition that has lived on through them.  Click on the image to Order now.



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