3 Strategies that helped us survive 2021 as a small business
We have had an online store since 2017 but we decided to update it and launched our revamped website this year focusing on making it more user friendly. Ease of browsing and fast and secure check out were our priorities. We also showcased our custom projects on our website.

Spending time and resources building a robust website for your business is vital during this time.


We were fortunate to receive bulk and custom orders from our dedicated customers. We are grateful for their continued support.

Focus on your existing customer base and go out of your way to keep them happy.


We had one successful in person event where we got to reconnect with our customers face to face after two years. It brought back memories of days we could do this without masks. It inspired us to keep moving forward. We hope we are able to meet each other fearlessly very soon.

Online sales cannot completely replace physical presence. The joy and excitement of meeting people cannot be underestimated.

 As we enter another year of uncertainty, we hope that each one of us has the courage to embrace change and value even more all that we already have.


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