The Nargis Collection - A burst of blooms

As the hot summer sun gradually gets clouded with the dark, rolling clouds of the Indian monsoon, a certain fragrance floats in the night air. It appears out of nowhere, and floats around with the summer night breeze for a long, long time.

You don’t feel it till it lingers around you, and often, you notice only when the fragrance has floated away.

These are the Raat Rani flowers, which bloom right at the beginning of the Indian monsoons. Their mystical, ethereal, almost sudden appearance is as alluring as their sweet, fresh fragrance.

Inspired by this burst of beautiful blooms is our Nargis collection – a bright, bold floral medley that brings together colourful flowers on bright backgrounds.

The collection is an expansion of the flowers found in nature.

These flowers that appear with the rains invoke a sense freshness, vitality and give a nod to the changing seasons, reminding us to cherish the beauty around us.

The flowers are now featured in our latest collection. Made by turning, twisting and stitching pieces of textile each flower, infact each petal is made by hand by the women artisans of Pure Ghee.

The Mogra Mala, a lightweight textile necklace featuring the Mogra flowers. Click the image to buy these Mogra malas.


The Potli Sling, a bright sling bag with a trail of Raat Rani textile flowers on the sling. Click this picture to buy this potli sling.

The Anita Potli, to add a touch of glam to a monsoon soirée with colourful potlis adorned with textile flowers laced with gota details. Click the picture to buy this potli.


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