Pieces of Expression: The Patchwork Collection

Bojagi is a Korean term used to describe wrapping cloths, made by stitching together of small pieces of used cloth in a skillful juxtaposition of vibrant colours, and is very similar to the modern abstract art as we know it. These pieces of cloth come from the remnants of fabrics used in sewing in shops and handicraft industries, focusing on the ethic of ‘waste nothing’

Based on these ideas of sustainability and utility is our Patchwork collection – at once a colourful and structured, inspired by the ancient Korean textile practice of Bojagi.

The practice of bringing together waste fabric into a beautiful article of utility has a deeper meaning attached to it.

Sewing was traditionally considered an everyday skill that was passed on from generation to generation. The lives of artisans who learn the art of sewing have been defined by anonymity and humility.

Picking up the pieces, putting them together and creating something useful out of nothing is how creativity comes alive through the hands of an artisan.

Partake in this celebration of self-expression by picking the colours that speak to you from the PATCHWORK collection.

Our picks from the PATCHWORK collection include

PATCHWORK METRO shoulder bag with bright patchwork and particle front pockets.

PATCHWORK ENVELOPE clutches that can add a bold statement to any outfit.

PATCHWORK PARTY BAGS meant to carry more than a clutch and less than a shoulder bag, look equally good with saris and with western outfits

PATCHWORK POUCHES large and small to add colour and whimsy to your bag or your travels, also great for gifting

PATCHWORK POTLIS that can be combined with saris to channel the inner bohemian

MULTICOLOURED GAJRAS AND CLIPS to add a dose of happiness to your outfit

TEXTILE JEWELRY that’s light vibrant and affordable.

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  • Priya On

    I think you do a fantastic job. Being a recycling enthusiast myself, I see a lot of hard work and thought going into each design and then executing it to perfection. I like how you have leveraged the power of social media to spread knowledge about your products and your journey!

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