4 Tips to choose a necklace you will wear often.

A Necklace can become a focal point and add personality to an outfit. Often we fall in love with beautiful neckpieces and end up buying them only to realise that we do not wear them enough. Here are a few tips to help you choose pieces you will grow to love and wear often.


The first question to ask yourself is with how many outfits in your existing wardrobe can you see yourself wearing the necklace ?

Colour plays a big role here. Necklaces in neutral colours like shades of gold, beiges, off whites are easy to combine with clothes in neutral as well as bright colours. If you have a lot of neutral coloured outfits in black, beige, white etc you could add a splash of colour with multi colored pieces.


How a neckpiece moves on your body will determine how comfortable you will be while wearing the necklace.

Sometimes necklaces that are attractive can be heavy, scratchy or stiff. Imagine all the actions and movements you will be going through while wearing the necklace and decide whether the necklace will be comfortable to wear.

Adjustable length

Neckpieces with adjustable length are more versatile as they can be paired with different kinds of necklines. You can also layer them with some of your existing pieces to create a new piece.

Craftsmanship and quality

It is important to consider how a necklace is made before buying it. The piece may be made using any material but if it is well crafted it is bound to last many wears. 

 These are the factors we keep in mind while creating our distinctive textile neckpieces. You can browse our collection of neckpieces here.

Do write in to us at if you would like to get a piece commissioned to your specific requirements.

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