Handmade Winter wardrobe Essentials

Winter is the time to bring out our favourite handwoven shawls, throws and stoles as well as our hand sewn jackets to keep us warm and cozy. Combine these with neutral or earthy bags of your choice and you are all set to brave the cold in style. Here are some of our favourite pieces collected over years of travel.

Khes from Punjab

The khes is traditionally a floor cover or bed cover woven by women in rural Punjab as a part of their trousseau that they carry to their future homes. Woven from thick cotton they usually come in geometric patterns in colours of black white and red. They are rare to come by these days but their rustic appeal and hand woven texture makes them timeless pieces to be cherished. Featured with our Metro bag in black. Link in the image below.


Kutchi Shawl

Handwoven shawls made with sheep wool in the semi arid regions of Kutch in Gujrat are a classic because of the texture and natural colours. The lack of ornamentation in this one makes it a great unisex staple for winter. Metro Combine it with our Metro bag in Rust. 

 Silk stoles

Everyone has a bunch of stoles to add colour to the otherwise drab winter wardrobe. Our current favourite is this very special hand dyed silk stole in cochineal by dear friend and colourist Marjory Selles. We combine it with a neutral Suvi bag. Link in the image below.

 Jaipuri quilted silk jackets

Jaipuri razai/quilts are know to be soft, light and warm. The same skill in transformed into making beautiful quilted jackets. This crossover jacket is our all time favourite. Its smart enough for work and stylish enough for an evening out! Combining it with an equally bold Nomad in Sunflower will definitely beat the winter blues. Link in the image below

Pashmina stole

Made from Kashmiri wool the Pashmina Shawls are an all time favourite. Pashmina which means soft gold is a winter go to because of it's softness and warmth in winter. I was gifted this ombre pashmina stole and i wear it almost every day. Combining it with a bright Suvi bag in red. Link in the image below.

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